1 Year Term,  Chairman
  David G. Stonehill
 2 Year Term
   William F. Cook
 3 Year Term
   Arlen Marshall
  Junior Grand Deacon 
  Gary A.S. LaBruyere
  Junior Grand Steward  George J. White Jr.
  Job's Daughters

  Bob Mahoney

  DeMolay  Steven Smith
  Rainbow for Girls  Donald S. Charbonneau

email: jurisprudence@idahomasons.org 

(Section 504) Trustees of the Grand Lodge Relief Fund
                                              (Investment Committee)

(6) Masonic Temple Preservation

(4) Fraternal Relations

  Robert Mohney                             
  Master Idaho Lodge of Research 1965 Terry Adsitt
  Grand Historian  Douglas J. Hammond
  J. Grand Steward

  Gary A.S. LaBruyere

  Jr. Grand Deacon  George J. White
  Grand Pursuivant  Daniel W. Drefs

(1) Jurisprudence

  1 Year Term 
  Max Hemmert 
  2 Year Term 
  Joseph E. Alexander
  3 Year Term     Jesse L. Laduke
  Junior Grand Warden  Russ W. Smith
  Grand Marshal

  John B. Johnson

(2) Appeals And Grevances

 John E. Warner
  Junior Grand Deacon
Gary A.S. LaBruyere
  Junior Grand Steward George J. White Jr.

(3) Accounts and Finances

  1 Year Term   Jeremy C. Vaughn
  2 Year Term  David "Skip" Owen
  3 Year Term  Mark H. Smith
  Senior Grand Warden 
  Steven O. Zimmerman
  Senior Grand Deacon 

  H. Sherman Burger III

  Senior Grand Steward  Rick L. Holloway

Grand Lodge Committees 2018-2019

Standing Committees

(By-Laws, Part One, Article IV, Section 401)

Section 401 Standing Committees The Grand Master shall appoint the following standing committees consisting of not less than three or more than five members to serve during his term: (Revised Sept. 1999)

1. Jurisprudence.

2. Appeals and Grievances.
3. Accounts and Finances.
4. Fraternal Relations.
5. Masonic Research and Education.
6. Masonic Temple Preservation. (See Section 405)

Special Committees​

Section 504 - Trustees of the Grand Lodge Relief Fund (Investment Committee)

Board of Custodian of the Work

Youth Committee

  Chairman, Grand Sword Bearer
  Clifford R. Kramer   
 Grand Orator

  Wayne E. Ross                         

(5) Masonic research and education

 1 Year Term,  Chairman   Michael Pearson
 2 Year Term
  Steven M. Bock
 3 Year Term
  Jerry D. Parsons
  Sr. Grand Warden
  Steven O. Zimmerman
  Grand Treasure, Ex Officio  Randy King
  Grand Secretary, Ex Officio

  Monte Bollar

  Grand Master, Ex Officio  Kent R. McCandless

Board of Custodian of the Work

Youth Committee

  Chairman, SGW
  Steven O. Zimmerman
  Senior Grand Deacon
   H Sherman Burger III
  Junior Grand Deacon
   Gary A.S. LaBruyere
  Junior Grand Steward
   George J. White Jr.
  Grand Pursuivant

   Daniel W. Drefs

   Member   William R. Montalvo
   Member   Paul A. Telebar
 1 Year Term,  Chairman            
 Jay A. Leonard, PGM
 2 Year Term
  Keith C. Brooks, PGM ​
 3 Year Term
  Michael A. Sutton, PGM
  4 Year Term
  G. Arthur Shoemaker, PGM
  5 Year Term  John E. Warner, PGM
  6 Year Term

  James A. Hensley, PGM

  7 Year Term   William K. Curtis, PGM