As I begin to attend the duties of Grand Master the first obligation I have and am very happy to do is to thank everyone that attended the 149th Grand Lodge session in Boise this past week.  Our Junior Past Grand Master Brother John Warner and Past First Lady Renee’ need to have all our praise and good wishes as they begin their journey into the afterlife of Grand Lodge duties.  What a wonderful year they have had and what a legacy they have left in their wake.  I only hope Helen and I can do a big percentage of the good deeds and give the great feelings they gave everyone in our Grand Jurisdiction and beyond!  Best wishes to them as they recoup their energy.

A special thank you to all the elected and appointed Grand Lodge Officers.  With all their hard work and dedication we will get through 2016-17 and have a banner year.  I look forward to sharing this year and this journey with each of you.  I also need to say thanks to my installing officers; PGM’s David Triplett, Richard Broemeling, “Skip” Owen, Jay Leonard, HPGM Stan Barker and W. Brother Rev. Edgar Simmons.  I thank these Brothers for an outstanding installation!  I only had a small inkling of the emotion that comes with being installed as your MWGM for the ensuing year.  I thank all of you for the support and encouragement that you have given; it will be needed to help lead our Grand Lodge through the next year.  The rest of this year and through September 2017 will be a big portion of our Sesquicentennial year.  Several Lodge re-dedications will be occurring and I am hoping to see many of you attending along the journey.  I encourage each of you to attend as many events as you possibly can; it’s one of our best opportunities to showcase Freemasonry to the public. 

Grand Lady Helen has, and is still working on several projects.  One of her projects is to help the children at Shriner’s Hospitals by sewing pillow cases.  The hospitals are always in need of pillow cases for all the children that come to the hospital and the cases go home with them.  Another project Helen has made is a king size quilt that has all of the Lodges currently operating in Idaho.  The quilt has all Lodges embroidered on an apron, 52 in all, with their Name, City, Lodge No. and their chartered date, with a Bargello American Flag in the center, Grand Lodge of Idaho AF & AM, our sesquicentennial pin along with 1867-2017 embroidered on the top/bottom borders.  Tickets for the quilt will be available from Helen as we travel around the state in 2016-17 and the winning ticket will be drawn at Grand Lodge in September 2017.  There are 500 tickets available @ $20.00 each.  Proceeds from this project will be used to purchase GL officer aprons.  Any funds left from the project after apron purchases will be donated to the Endowment Fund and Idaho Freemason Foundation.  Your generous support will be greatly appreciated!

Fall communications will start September 20th in Glenns Ferry at Fidelity Lodge No. 80 for the 4th, 5th and 6th Districts.  Hope to see you there.  Helen will be attending all the communications, working and hopefully getting support for her pillow case project.  Helen is hoping to have several Ladies attend, help and get to know each other better.  Many hands make light work!  Hope to see you on the road during this Sesquicentennial year!

Fraternal Love, MWGM Jim & Grand Lady Helen


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